Hope is having ...

Art is the Highest Form of Hope.

  1. Hopeful Puppy Eyes
  2. Hope Baby Face
  3. Lion of Hope
  4. Hopeful Couple
  5. Hopeful Horse Eyes
  6. Hopeful Togther
  7. John Lennon Imagine
  8. Hopeful Pug
  9. Title
  10. Title
  11. Title
  12. Title 9
Hope comes in many expressions. And with stunning graphics, this first "video of hope", written and narrated by Carl Sagan, reveals that the home of eternal hope, is infinite space.
The hope for love—a timeless and universal theme tenderly expressed by Celine Dion in her song "My Heart Will Go On" and dramatized by Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet in the 1997 film, "Titanic.”

IZ understood- hope lies somewhere over the rainbow.

As only he could, Louis Armstong reminds us "What a Wonderful World."

Opening scene from movie - Love Actually

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